The Hamilton Children's Garden is all about discovery, outdoor education and learning. The site centers around a huge tree house that emerges from a banyan tree. This is no normal tree, partially fabricated partially real, this tree is specially designed for kids. At the base, children can crawl through the roots of the tree to discover worms and snails. Climb one level up the rope ladder to look at the bark, birds and butterflies. Another level up showcases the full tree house experience, and if you dare there is a crow's nest that looks out over the whole site.

The garden is packed full of nature discovery nodes - Incredible Edibles, Garden Rhymes, Art Garden, Birds & Butterflies, Mountain Meander, Earth Builders, Rock, Hoppers, Elephant Tree Forest, Spell & Smell Garden, and Quail Haven. This fully ADA Compliant experience allows kids of all ages to get back out into nature and appreciate what wonders it has to offer. The site is fabricated using simple construction that allowed the extravagance of the experience to fall within the budget.

Crow's Nest
Banyan Tree Saplings Emerge from Concrete Trunk-Like Structure
Children Climb up the Tree Climbing through the Roots
Children Wade through the Stream
Deneen Powell Atelier - 2305 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego. CA. 92104 - P 619.294.9042