This is a discovery garden—a garden where children are encouraged to explore, to dig, to find nature’s treasures, and to learn from this experience. Different than most children’s gardens—this has very naturally looking and build structures within an existing woods with tempting items sprinkled throughout to entertain and spark exploration. 

The entry into Adventure Woods is just outside the Visitor Center and features a pair of oversized discovery doors to lead you in. These eleven foot ± doors are funky colored and filled with sculptural representations of elements found in the woods—caterpillars, birds, acorns, etc., but many of the cubby holes will be left open for children to fill at will with whatever they happen to find in the woods. They will change appearance throughout the seasons—winter with snow and berries—summer with flowers—fall with leaves, etc. Once inside these doors much of what is seen are natural looking elements with sparks of intrigue. There will be five different discovery “tree people” out in the woods—another enticing, funky, sculptural element to entice children into further discovery. These round, gentle, six± feet tall, moss characters will also have pockets for children to fill and sculptural elements to discover. 

There are dry, wet and very muddy areas complete with a wash down zone just prior to reentering the Visitor Center to give parents a chance to clean of their critters prior to leaving. 

A wetland is located along the northwestern portion of the woods, complete with a boardwalk for those not terribly interested in muddy feet. A natural stream traverses the woods with plenty of areas to get quite wet and to float leaves, sticks, or use rocks to build dams, etc. Many areas encourage climbing, building, digging, etc. 

The woods is generally zoned for passive play in the northern portions and active play towards the southern areas.  A parent waiting area and tot lot are located just inside the giant doors of Adventure Woods.

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