DPA, Inc.’s scope of work included all interpretive concepts, designs, working drawings, fabrication and installation supervision for the implementation of the Monkey Trails and Forest Tales habitat at the San Diego Zoo. With entertainment, conservation and education as our guides this exhibit became "The most elaborate and ambitious habitat at the Zoo".

The concept is derived from a predominately primate exhibit where upper and lower walkways traverse through a giant fig tree. Visitors are introduced to information about flora and fauna as they weave their way through the tree in both the Asian & African exhibits. Directional signage plays an important role in this dual exhibit, subliminally informing visitors of their present habitat. Each element of interpretive signage was designed & illustrated specifically for the plant or animal featured in the exhibit. These sculptural elements draw the eye prompting the visitor to learn more, while providing a large visual reference of what plant or animal to look for in the exhibit.

3/D monkeys swing over the entry drawing visitors into the main exhibit Monkeys are designed to move in the breeze
Custom designed directional signage
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