Want to spend the afternoon relaxing and playing in a rural African village without traveling half way around the world? A seldom used seating area adjacent to the petting Kraal at the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park has been transformed to allow for just that. A pair of Ankole Cattle stand along the brush fences between mud huts while flock of chickens scratch in the dirt. Visitors turn a nearby recycled automobile axle pump to fill gourds with water then balance them on their heads to transport the water to the cattle as African women do on a daily basis. Visitors also play in a hand-carved wooden canoe imported from Africa that wiggles as if it’s in actual water. A maze of tall grasses and Lion’s Tail provides for an endless game of tag or hide and seek. Those who want a little less activity can bang out a rhythm on the African drums, have their faces painted at the beauty shop, or just sit and watch others from the shaded comfort of a variety of hand made seats in a choice of shaded huts.
The Nairobi Children’s Garden park was taken from preliminary concepts to completion of construction in just three months, much of the detailed design was determined while the area was being built - and all within a limited budget.

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